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The Ultimate Guide To Eco Friendly Shaving

As men, we all know how to shave right? You were either taught by your father or you taught yourself through sheer determination!


But do you know how to have an eco-friendly shave?

Well, if you don't then don't worry! We have created the ultimate guide to eco-friendly shaving just for you! Disposable razors and plastic packaging only end up in one place, the landfill. With a wide range of environmentally friendly shaving products on the market today, we are going to run you through our favourites.


 1. The Eco-Friendly Safety Razor

Eliminate plastic from your bathroom by switching to a bamboo safety razor. Replaceable blades and sturdy design means it not only lasts longer, but it is fully sustainable. The handle is completely biodegradable and the blades are quick and painless to replace. You can even buy them from your local supermarket! 


2. Replaceable Blades

Once you have made the switch to an eco-friendly razor, you are going to need replacements blades. Some of the better razors have double-edged blades that are more durable and will last you longer. 


3. Eco Friendly Shaving Cream/Soap

There are many natural alternatives out there for shaving cream including shaving soap. Our advise would be to choose a zero-waste shaving soap as these are natural, usually organic and have no wasteful packaging. There are natural shaving creams available but they come in packaging that is not always zero waste. You can even make your own using coconut oil/shea butter and essential oils such as rose oil or any other manly scent you can think of!


5. Eco Friendly Aftershave Balm

The final step in your shaving ritual is aftershave. Whilst your traditional aftershave balm is made from natural ingredients such as alcohol, some products are made using artificial chemicals and packaged in a plastic bottle/container. We suggest using an eco-friendly aftershave balm made from ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, these are usually packaged in a glass jar with a metal screw-top lid.



Disposable razors and cartridges are often used once or twice and then disposed of. They then sit in landfills for up to 100 years polluting the ground around them. It's now quicker and easier than ever to find a sustainable alternative and we hope this blog helped you on your quest for an eco-friendly shave! 

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  • John McBride

    Since I switched I have never looked back.
    Saved a ton of plastic and a better shave too!
    The only problem is…Even my wife loved it!

    Thanks guys.

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