Have A Very Merry Sustainable Christmas

Have A Very Merry Sustainable Christmas


How to have a sustainable Christmas that doesn’t cost the earth? Simple and practical swaps for you to have a more sustainable and eco friendly holiday season.


There are many ways to give your loved ones a sustainable gift. Do away with skin care sets and plastic wrapped boxes of chocolate, and give someone something special this festive season.



Eco Friendly Gifts

Eco friendly products are becoming more and more popular especially as Christmas Gifts. You can buy them online or in stores like Holland & Barrets, even common gift items like socks and chocolates are now being made from sustainable resources and packaged using paper or cardboard. You could even go the extra mile and get them something unexpected such as a bee hotel or a bamboo coffee cup! We have a great range of bamboo gift boxes which are really popular: Bamboo Gifts


Using eco friendly wrapping paper and cards

We have recently been looking into eco friendly wrapping paper for our customers at bambooo.com. On our search we stumbled upon an amazing company called re-wrapped. All of their wrapping paper and cards are made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste which now has a new lease of life as fantastically designed gift wrap. They use vegetable inks instead of PVC based inks and have a wide array of well designed wrapping papers and cards.

Give a free gift 

Sometimes the best things in life are free! Do something nice for someone this Christmas, give them something pre-owned or even write them a poem. Lower your carbon footprint this Christmas by not buying any consumable items.

The Humble Christmas Tree

The level of energy and waste that is generated from producing a real Christmas tree is huge. The British Christmas Tree Growers Association estimates around seven million real trees are bought each year in the UK alone. This figure doesn’t show any sign of slowing down with Christmas 2019 around the corner.  

What about a plastic Christmas tree? 

Whilst plastic Christmas trees do lasts for many years, the amount of energy used to manufacture and transport these items takes its toll on our planet. Plus, once they are disposed of they sit in landfills for up to 100 years to decompose, leaving behind bad chemicals such as methane in the earth.



Tree Rental

Never heard of tree rental? More and more companies such as garden centres and nurseries are offering Christmas tree rental as a service. They will often collect and return the tree for no extra cost and once returned it can continue growing. This is an innovative way of keeping tradition alive that doesn’t cost the earth (literally!). 


Grow your own

You can purchase a Christmas tree this year that hasn’t been cut and still includes its roots. Place it in a large pot and fill it with decorations, once January 12th (or whichever day you take your tree down) hits simply replant it in your garden ready for next year. This is not only a renewable and sustainable option but you also get a great addition to your garden! 

If you were to purchase a pine Christmas tree you could also use it for natural fragrance or pine needle tea. 


Use what you already have

If like a lot of people you already have an artificial tree tooked somewhere then keep using it.


FSC Certified Trees

If you are going to buy a real tree this Christmas then look out for the FSC certification; this means that the tree has been grown sustainably with no damage to the environment. 

The Christmas Dinner 

Christmas dinner is huge part of Christmas day, it’s a time for family and friends to come together, celebrate and eat lots of food! Food is one of the largest industries in the world and in turn has a massive effect on our environment. The production, packaging and transport of food globally accounts for 13% of all carbon emissions. 


Have a veggie Christmas

Going veggie this Christmas can help lower your fat intake over the holidays as well as your carbon footprint. Beef, lamb and poultry are a massive cause of pollution to planet earth. The CO2 generated from livestock and manure accounts for 5.4% of all CO2 emissions across all industries. Producing livestock takes up land, uses energy and causes methane gas to be released into the atmosphere. Going veggie no longer means just eating vegetables or nut roasts, there is a wide range of meat free alternatives now available in all major supermarkets.

Eat Organic

If you can’t resist your turkey this Christmas then one thing you can do is buy organically produced meat and vegetables. Organic and locally produced meat and vegetables have significantly lower cost to the environment.

Stop the waste

Did you know that every single residence in the UK wastes around 74.7 kilograms of food each year?

A good way to lower your food waste this Christmas is to use your leftovers. Here are some great recipes for those pesky Christmas leftovers: https://www.waitrose.com/home/recipes/christmas_recipes/leftovers.html

Also buying loose fruit and veg, meat from the butchers and cheese from the deli cuts down on plastic packaging. 


There is no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than decorating your house, your office or even your dog!


Do it yourself

There are hundreds of YouTube videos showing you how to make your own Christmas decorations. We compiled a list of our favourite ideas:

  • Handmade Christmas tree decorations from arts & crafts supplies
  • Cinnamon & Pine handmade garland
  • Light Bulb snow globes
  • Handmade Cards
  • DIY Bunting made from old Christmas cards

Here is a list of 62 Elegant Decoration ideas from Good HouseKeeping: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/holidays/christmas-ideas/g393/homemade-christmas-ornaments/

We hope that our suggestions help you in your pursuit of a sustainable Christmas. There are always ways of making the things we do more eco friendly and sustainable, it’s just about knowing how. We want to show people new and interesting ways of lowering their carbon footprint and decreasing the impact they have on the planet. 

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas,



Owner / Founder of bambooo.com

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