Lidl becomes the first supermarket to launch reusable fruit and veg bags |

Lidl becomes the first supermarket to launch reusable fruit and veg bags

In a bid to help reduce plastic waste long term, Lidl has become the first UK supermarket to introduce reusable fruit & veg bags across all their stores nationwide.

The ‘Green Bags’ which are priced at 69p for two; provide customers with a reusable alternative to single-use fruit and vegetable plastic bags.

Georgina Hall at Lidl UK said. "Today’s announcement is the next step and one which we hope will help customers shift to a truly reusable option," We’ve made changes – big and small – over the years to help contribute to this. 

Lidl also announced their plans to reduce plastic waste by 20% by 2022 and ensure by 2025 100% of its own-brand packaging is reusable, refillable, renewable or widely recyclable.

Since opening its first store in 1994, Lidl has charged for plastic carrier bags. Its move to remove all single-use carrier bags from sale in 2017 resulted in 26 million fewer plastic bags being sold annually.

  • Removed black plastic from fruit and veg range
  • Removing black plastic from fresh meat, fish and poultry range by end of August 2019
  • Trialing the removal of 9p reusable bags from sale in Wales
  • Committed to only selling packs of paper straws
  • Replaced plastic-stemmed cotton buds with biodegradable stems
  • Eradicated microbeads from all cosmetic and household products ahead of legislation
  • Replaced plastic tomato punnets with cardboard
  • Replaced polystyrene pizza bases with cardboard

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