Mental Health Awareness Week - #kindnessmatters

Mental Health Awareness Week - #kindnessmatters

This week marks the 19th anniversary of Mental Health Awareness week.  Founded in 2001 by the Mental Health Foundation, mental health awareness week is the national week for raising awareness for mental health in the UK. Every year people host events, fundraisers and other social gatherings to raise awareness for mental health, mental health problems and to promote good mental health for all. The theme this year is ‘kindness’ and to help raise awareness for mental health we are joining in with the social campaign #kindnessmatters where the Mental Health Foundation are asking people to share kind messages to others via social media and in the community. We have also placed kind messages around to spreading kindness to everyone who visits our store this week.



The Mental Health Foundation has changed the theme of mental health awareness week from 'sleep' to 'kindness', as they feel that during the current circumstances kindness has the power to create community, support and hope. Kindness is also scientifically proven to be good for your mental health, even the smallest acts of kindness produce endorphins in your brain, making you feel good. Feeling good about yourself is a key part of staying mentally in good health. 


With the recent circumstances, it’s even more important to spread kindness, support others and raise awareness for mental health issues. We want to help spread kindness across the country and that is why we are asking everyone to join in and post nice messages using the hashtag #kindnessmatters. 


This year's mental health awareness week is unlike any other, many of us are worried about coronavirus and how this will affect our lives and the lives of our loved ones. I want you to take a minute to also think about people with mental health conditions. Regular life can be hard enough but when you suffer from a mental health condition such as bipolar or depression.  This year's mental health awareness week will not only raise funds for the Mental Health Foundation, to help them support more people and continuing to change lives. It will also raise awareness in the community for people with mental health issues and make people more aware of the certain mental health issues people face.


How you can get involved?

Head over to the mental health awareness page.

Using the hashtag #kindnessmatters and post kind messages and acts of kindness to the thousands of people following along. You can also host a fundraiser, here are things you can do during the pandemic We are contributing kindness to the hashtag all week as well as placing meaningful and kind messages around all this week to lift people's spirits. 


We hope that our campaign helps raise enough awareness for vulnerable people all across the UK and whatever you are doing to raise awareness or raise funds for mental health, stay safe and look after your mental health.




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