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We have been Nominated for the i2C award


We are proud to announce that Earth Friendly Living Ltd has been nominated for the I2C award. Provided by Chester University and the European Union the Innovation to Commercialization award provides funding support to help companies advance their products or technologies towards practical application to improve health outcomes, benefit society, and enrich the health innovation ecosystem in BC through contributing to talent development and a strong, sustainable knowledge economy. We are so humbled and elated to be nominated for this award, all the team have worked so hard to get bambooo.com to where it is today.


We all want to help change the world by providing better choices for products made from sustainable resources. We feel we are part of a big change in thinking for consumers and being nominated for an award shows that others see the value in our effort too.

Whilst we all work hard, there is a pleasure in being part of a team. We see the business as something bigger than us. Something that can bring an awareness to millions, those who aren't aware of the potential problems the planet faces. 


As we bring more products together, we want to improve continually. Not only the service we offer but the range of goods and their sustainability. When consumable products can be designed on the basis of their Earth friendliness, we will all be a lot better off.

It does wonders for the team spirit being nominated. Even though only two of us can go to the awards ceremony. We know we’ll be on tenterhooks’ waiting for the results. Being nominated a month beforehand gives us a chance to really feel appreciated for what we do.


Win or not, to be nominated so early in our journey is a great honour. Obviously, we want to win and hope that others see the difference we are trying to make. Winning will give us a boost of confidence before the busiest period of the calendar.

The i2C award is a European and University collaboration to help businesses of the future. The team already have visions of a bigger picture. Europe and America are in our sights and the feedback we’ve received recently has been truly inspiring.


We would also like to thank all of our visitors and customers who have provided us with vital feedback and supported us on our journey. We hope this the first award of many we’re nominated for.

The future is greener with Bambooo.

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  • Peter Lockyer

    Tried a pair of the mens underware. Found to be most confortable. Have ordered more to have sufficient to last between washdays.

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