Why Bamboo Clothing Is Perfect For The Summer

Why Bamboo Clothing Is Perfect For The Summer

With the weather getting hotter and summer approaching, it’s important to wear clothing that is light, comfortable and regulates your temperature. Bamboo fabric has an array of qualities that help you stay dryer, cooler and more comfortable as the temperate soars. 


UV Protection

Bamboo fabric has the amazing ability to resist UV rays, leaving you protected in the sun. Bamboo can actually cut out 98% of UV rays even in full sunlight, there is no other fabric that has this amazing ability.


Although it’s great to get in the sun and get a suntan! Ultraviolet rays or UV rays can be harmful to our skin and cause many health complications. By wearing bamboo clothing, you will be shielding yourself from harmful UV rays when out in the sun.



Bamboo clothing is extremely light, soft and breathable. Bamboo fibre wicks moisture away from the skin and allows air to pass through it easily, keeping you cooler in the heat. Unlike cotton, bamboo fibre allows moisture to evaporate away from the skin into the air quickly. So, when you perspire the bamboo fabric will leave you feeling dry and fresh.


The breathability doesn’t just come from the way the fabric is weaved, although this plays a part, it actually comes from the softly rounded fibres, which allow for air to pass through more easily than other textiles. It is often compared to silk for its sheer softness and is also super light.


Odour Resistant  

Bamboo fibres are naturally antimicrobial due to a natural component that is found within the bamboo plant itself, called Kun. Bamboo Kun is a bacteriostatic agent meaning it possesses anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Wearing bamboo clothing this summer means you’re resistant to bacteria, fungal growth and bad odour.


The fabric acts as a safety net and is considered the safest fabric to have next to your skin, as fungal growth and bacteria can cause infections and disease. As well as being anti-bacterial bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic; meaning It is great for children, babies and people with allergies.  So, if you are worried about body odour this summer, get yourself some bamboo summer clothes and feel fresh and protected.



Bamboo fabric is considered one of the strongest fabrics used in clothing manufacture today. Bamboo's smooth fibres create a strong weave to create natural strength and durability.  With traditional fabrics such as cotton and wool, the fibres are rough and jagged at the edges, after washing several times this creates piling on the surface of the garment. Because bamboo fabrics contain smooth fibres, it is more durable and can withstand more washes and wear and tear than traditional fabrics. Bamboo fabrics are also used for performance clothing such as leggings and racer bras because of its breathable, flexible and durable.


The natural properties of bamboo also make the fabric:

- thermo-regulating (keeps you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter)

- static-free

- wrinkle-free

- odorless

- very durable


Clothing made from bamboo is not just stylish and easy to wear; it is also light, breathable and designed to keep you cool in the summer. If you have never tried bamboo clothing before, we can assure you that you will be blown away with the feel, comfort and breathability of it. Here at bambooo.com we pride ourselves on offering sustainable alternatives to common fabrics that affordable, practical and stylish. 


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