To most of us, waking up in the morning and putting on our underwear is second nature, something we don’t give much thought to - right? However, this is something that probably deserves a bit more attention when considering that our choice of underwear has effects on not only our personal health but also the health of the environment surrounding us.  


Popular underwear materials have been proven to have negative effects to your health and natural bacteria as well as hugely contributing to industrial water pollution and greenhouse emissions. So why choose bamboo underwear? The answer is simple; it provides solutions to the problems caused by unsustainable alternatives and has numerous benefits tailored towards your health and comfort.


We’ve compiled a list of the benefits of bamboo underwear. Take a look and decide what you think is the best option for you!


Health Benefits 

Bamboo is organically grown: This takes away the risk of being exposed to unwanted artificial chemicals, additionally, for optimal health gynaecologists recommend selecting underwear made from natural fibres yet even organically grown cotton is frequently grown from genetically altered seeds or treated with pesticides exposing you to unknown chemicals.


Bamboo contains an anti-bacterial & anti-fungal bio agent: This makes the fabric odour resistant and keeps for you fresher and drier for much longer.  It also contains micro-gaps: This makes the fabric incredibly breathable and retracts moisture away from the body resulting in you drying quicker which is especially beneficial for sensitive skin!


Environmental Benefits

Bamboo is the fastest growing wood based plant on the planet: Allowing it to be produced in mass proportion without causing harm to the planet. It is also biodegradable: Underwear has a short life cycle due it’s constant need for washing, because of this large amounts of none biodegradable materials are being thrown into landfills every day. By choosing bamboo underwear we eliminate this problem as the fibres are biodegradable meaning less pollution to the planet.


Bamboo takes little water to grow: Bamboo actually takes a third of the amount of water needed to grow cotton! Imagine how much water we could save by making the small switch to bamboo underwear.


Additional Benefits 

Bamboo is also…

  • thermo-regulating: Keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter!
  • anti-Static: Allowing your underwear to be none clingy and stain resistant.
  • wrinkle-free: Feel pristine from head to toe, keeps the underwear looking newer for much longer.


So there are a few reasons why bamboo underwear is a great choice. We hope you feel better informed on what type of underwear to choose, especially if you are seeking to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. 


If you wanted to check out some bamboo underwear for yourself, you can shop our women’s collection here, and our men’s collection here.

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