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World Bamboo Day is not only a celebration to bamboo itself; it is a celebration to all of the amazing people who work in the bamboo industry and to you for buying bamboo products and making the world a more sustainable place.  


Do you know where the word Bamboo came from?

The world bamboo came from the Dutch word "Bamboes" which is believed to have derived from the Malay word 'Mambu'. It is believed that the name was given to this special plant because of the sound it makes when burnt. When bamboo is burnt, the air inside the bamboo shoots causes an explosive bam-boom sound.


Bamboo and its many uses:

  • Culinary uses - popular in Indonesian, Chinese and Japanese cuisine.
  • Kitchenware
  • Fuel
  • Construction
  • Textiles
  • As a writing surface
  • Weapons
  • Musical instrument
  • Everyday essentials


The growth of the bamboo industry

Over the past 15 years, the bamboo industry has expanded massively. This is due to the increase in commercial uses for bamboo as a resource to manufacture products such as flooring, textiles and household products. The global bamboos market size was valued at USD 68.8 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 5.0% from 2019 to 2025. 




How can bamboo help save the planet

The use of bamboo could revolutionize the way we produce everyday items such as toilet paper and toothbrushes. Organically grown; bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources on the planet. Named the fastest-growing plant in the world, bamboo can be regrown again and again using no pesticides and very little water to grow. There are many environmental concerns surrounding cotton, plastic and wood processing for the manufacture of household items. Bamboo could eliminate this.

Here is a video from Pablo Van De Lugt, Head of Sustainability at MOSO International & Accsys Technologies; on how bamboo can save the planet.


"More bamboo would undoubtedly help the environment - but we need to find more modern uses for the plant." Kieth Laidler - The Guardian


Bamboo and The Panda

It is a common misconception that using bamboo is somehow detrimental to the welfare of pandas. The truth is the exact opposite! Deforestation has radically reduced the panda population, especially for the Giant panda. The cutting of trees and destruction of agriculture has separated panda reserves in China, meaning that decreased reproduction and welfare threaten their existence. China's Wolong Giant Panda Research Centre and the Panda Trust based in the UK, plan to plant 0.5km-wide "bamboo corridors" on degraded agricultural land between two panda reserves.

Here is a report into bamboo's sustainability and conservation of panada reserves by WWF:


Success stories

The promotion of bamboo is not only limited to government bodies, organizations, and charities. There is an increasing number of companies and manufacturers finding new ways to use bamboo and we wanted to praise them for it.


A company in Ghana is providing jobs, transport, and better health by making bamboo bikes.


The multi-award-winning resort & Spa Bamboo village in Vietnam is made from bamboo showing us that sustainable architecture at it's best.

Ecoplanet bamboo is a manufacturing company passionate about decreasing deforestation by growing and harvesting bamboo for commercial use.


Celebrating Bamboo and Planet Earth

Bamboo is a highly successful plant that is worth celebrating. It can help communities protect against natural disasters, build housing, create sustainable products and even be eaten. It is the fastest-growing plant in the world and has many natural benefits include antibacterial and hypoallergenic. We believe bamboo is the future of our planet, not only for manufacturing and sustainability but also for its ability to absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. We hope you love bamboo as much as we do and celebrate World Bamboo Day in your own little way.

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