World Bamboo Day - 18th September 2019 |

World Bamboo Day - 18th September 2019

Next week is the 10th Anniversary of World Bamboo Day founded by the World Bamboo Organization. We are excited to celebrate bamboo and all it's wonderful uses, alongside all the businesses, non-profit organisations and individuals celebrating with us. Here are we praise the values of bamboo for it's sustainability and manufacturing qualities but there are so many uses for the fastest growing plant in the world.

Statue of Ganesh made from Bamboo

From statues of Ganesh in india to scaffolding in China, bamboo is an amazing plant that not only helps with environmental issues, it also can also be used to confront climate changing threats such as droughts, floods and typhoons. World Bamboo Day aims to show bamboo to the world through music, dance, food, conferences and much more.

During the tenth World Bamboo Congress In 2015, the World Bamboo Organisation decided to invite the UN to recognise September 18 as World Bamboo Day. We want people to see the several environmental, economic, and social benefits bamboo has to society. Bamboo provides around 35% more oxygen and absorbs 40% more carbon dioxide compared to trees, which results in a substantial improvement in the air quality.

Bamboo is now used in over 1000 products and the market size in China is growing year on year. (see chart below) We use bamboo in our products to offer you a sustainable and affordable alternative to many household essential items that are polluting or land and oceans.

Bamboo Market Share China


We invite you to celebrate World Bamboo Day with us next Wednesday, with a range of content, promotions and information on our favourite plant. 


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