Our Story

Who we are

Like many of us, the founders of Bambooo - David and Lionel, were concerned about climate change, pollution and the destruction of our ecosystems. To do their part in combating these problems, the two friends began to implement sustainable changes into their own lives.

Whilst researching environmentally friendly alternatives, they came upon the use of bamboo as a great sustainable substitute which can be used to make clothes and underwear with many benefits to your health as well as the planet!

The journey so far!

With fast fashion and the manufacturing of our most popular materials contributing so highly to the damage of the environment, Lionel and David were certain that by switching to bamboo and other sustainable fabrics, they could make a real positive change. The two friends created a vision which shortly manifested into a reality and together they founded the online store - bambooo.com.

Bambooo has now expanded to providing products made from a multitude of sustainable fabrics such as modal, hemp, organic cotton, recycled polyester and tencel. Our range has continually developed, from bamboo underwear all the way to bedding, clothing and lifestyle items to help you live a more sustainable life and protect the environment and the planet.


There is no planet B

- Mike Berners-Lee

Why use bamboo?

Bamboo fabric is not only a more sustainable choice for the environment, but also has a wide array of other fantastic benefits. These include being anti-bacterial, moisture wicking, extremely soft, anti-wrinkle, ride up resistant, thermo-regulating and anti-static!

Since its launch in June 2019, Bambooo has provided products to tens of thousands of happy customers, helping them make positive sustainable changes to their own lives.

We have also continued to improve our own carbon footprint with sustainable packaging, offsetting our delivery emissions, whilst also working towards setting up a charity, as well as receiving thousands of positive reviews.… and that’s only the beginning! Come on this journey with us and be a part of our bambooo family.